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We make buying & selling business simple. 

Everything we do is systematic, simplified, online and available at your fingertips. We prefer direct communication and actively navigate away from known areas of business acquisitions that typically cause frustration, delays and unnecessary costs. Buying or selling a business can be complex. We make it simple with our unique 6 steps to settlement. 

6 steps to settlement. 


Not sure what to negotiate or how? We've got that covered and guide you through that process, quickly and thoroughly. 

Agreement Preparation. 

If you're selling, our agreements are concise, aligned with current case law and relevant legislation and are fair. If you're a buyer, our agreement review process will have your contract review and advice back to you within 48 hours. 

Agreement finalisation. 

We make sure we strike a balance with you and for you to avoid ​endless lawyer revisions, delays and excessive costs. 

Our approach is to have direct conversations about issues and to propose fair and just amendments quickly and efficiently to build and maintain trust between you and the other party from the outset. 

Once agreed, we use DocuSign and distribute agreements for signing to prevent delays and to help you maintain the momentum of the acquisition process. 

Due diligence.

Not sure what needs to be evaluated, by who and to what degree? Our due diligence systems provide you with clarity and guide the process for you. We also provide 


We support you through settlement with our E-Settlement process with assurance that your funds are held in trust until you authorise them to be released. 


We then support you to ensure your business transitions the way you had anticipated and offer a range of other services to manage corporate compliance, shareholder and partnership agreements, trusts and more.  

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top 5 mistakes

No .1 Not obtaining good advice. Being able to bounce ideas and discuss potential scenarios with your lawyer is essential. It's great for us to be involved early so that we can understand your objectives and the business you are selling or buying. 

No.2 Uncertainty about what you will and won't accept during early negotiations. The key to this is to approach negotiations with fairness but firmness and be willing to be flexible where that doesn't adversely impact you or the business.  

No.3 Getting caught up in endless cycles of contract reviews. The key to this is experience and ensuring your lawyer understands what you are wanting to achieve. Maintaining a focus on the bigger picture, without placing yourself or the business at risk is critical. Direct conversations, even uncomfortable conversations are always best at this stage and typically result in reduced costs and more streamlined transactions. 

No.4 Uncertainty about what structure to buy a new business under. Buying a business under an appropriate legal structure for you is essential for mitigating risk exposure, protecting assets and managing tax implications  (amongst other things).    

No.5 Unclear settlement processes. Without clarity surrounding what needs to be checked and transferred at the time of settlement, uncertainty and disagreements can arise in the eleventh hour. The key to avoiding this is to establish agreement on the settlement checklist early and to clearly communicate what the settlement process will be, where, when and who will be involved.   

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