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what happens next? 

Once your sound file is submitted, we register your music in an IP Register dedicated to you as a performing artist. Establishing and maintaining an IP register is an important, and critical step in the protection of your assets. That register is accessible to you but is locked and protected so that we provide you with a single source of update and control, providing you with the confidence you need. 

why is protecting our IP so important?

Without adequate protection, your IP (sound files, logos, branding, designs, song titles, performing names and titles) is vulnerable to copyright and broader ownership or IP breach claims into the future. Clearly establishing the origin of your IP and its authors / inventors is a critical aspect of IP protection for artists. Accordingly, MUSOIP was designed and established by our team of lawyers and systems designers to provide musicians with an easy, accessible and cost-effective method of quickly registering and maintaining IP.   

are there other things we should consider?

There are a number of aspects that we recommend musicians consider as they move into the professional sphere including trademarks for logos, band names, slogans and designs as well as broader IP protections when considering entering into contracts relating to performances, recording and production or for merchandise and other brand related aspects. 
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