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Our focus surrounds corporate law, administrative decision making disputes, agreements and compliance and arbitration. We represent our clients throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

With direct links to the University of the Sunshine Coast and research and innovation centres globally, we also maintain a strong focus on developing new and improved methods to manage your legal requirements without unnecessary complexity and cost. 



Law Firm

contracts & agreements

We prepare, review and assist you in finalising a range of contracts and agreements and are capable of providing you with rapid support as needed. 

  • Small business agreements, contracts and service reviews. 

  • Boat or vehicle purchase agreements. 

  • Shareholding and corporate agreements. 

  • Settlement deeds and agreements. 

  • Consumer related agreements. 

  • Commercial and residential lease agreements. 

  • Loan agreements. 

  • Partnership agreements. 

  • Intellectual Property agreements. 

  • Non-disclosure agreements. 

sports law & arbitration

reviewing decisions and actions applied by Australian government and private sporting entities. We also act for elite sports people to manage sponsorship and ambassador agreements. 

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